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This project, which I presented to the French Parliament, is entirely suited to adaptation in your country, which I - like all democratic countries - must tackle the problems of abstention and extremism.
I commend it to you with pleasure for your possible own use. I should point out that my idea could also be implemented for "PARLIAMENTARY" or "LOCAL ELECTIONS"...
I am convinced that this project can be a workable blueprint for all European countries.




« Open letter to citizens of the Republic »







This is an open letter to all responsible – and potentially responsible – citizens of the French Republic, who can spare the required five minutes or so to read it.


Since September 2003, my Proposal (attached) has been sent to ALL our political representatives – Ministers, Members of Parliament, Senators, etc.


Who am I?


A simple citizen with no political leanings or axe to grind, who is proposing a new election method for the Presidency of the French Republic in 2007.


My concern:


Our country is at risk from the first round of the 2007 Presidential Elections unless the voting system is changed.




Simply because abstention rates will reach an historic record, as new legislation thrusts 5 million teenagers (with little incentive to vote) on the electoral register alongside existing voters, between now and 2007. Yet no market researcher has shown any interest in the voting intentions of this age group for the first round of the 2007 ballot.


By systematically restricting opinion canvassing to - and involving only - adults, forecasts for the first round in 2007 will inevitably be flawed due to these 'forgotten' 5 million. It is a simple matter of logic...


I have therefore put forward an idea, which, though not a panacea, will change our approach to this decisive election in 2007.


Only a citizens' movement can persuade our political masters to grasp the nettle and reform our current system.


With sensible Men and Women onboard, I am certain that we can succeed in changing the electoral system in time for the first round of the 2007 Presidential Elections - by daring at least to stimulate a debate on this idea (or others)...


May I now ask you to take a few minutes to read the attached Proposal (printable version), and leave any comments or suggestions (and if possible a message of support) through the contact form?


Incidentally, any distribution of this proposal is not only authorised, but encouraged – and welcome!
Click below to see the
Proposal for Reform

Alain Mourguy



On the evening of the 2002 first round, this quote by Albert Einstein came to me as a flash of inspiration for solving the recurring problems of abstentions and extremism (Alain Mourguy)
"If after much searching you can't find any solution to a problem, it must be that the problem's postulates are poorly framed - they can then only be solved with imagination and not knowledge". Albert Einstein

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